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Giltbridge Improved Platforms' Overseas Delivery Capability

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New Working Mode of Online Cooperation

Accompanying the battle against COVID-19, China has developed new working modes of working at home, online education, remote meetings, and online cooperation. These modes motivate boomed development of Internet platforms. For example, applications such as Alibaba DingTalk and Tencent Meeting stand out, and have played an active role in mobile office, online education, and remote consultation.
Cloud Services Accelerate the Process of Going Overseas
Nowadays, COVID-19 is gradually under control in China, but is becoming increasingly severe overseas. The soaring number of confirmed cases has made governments of various countries that used to neglect the virus pay more attention to it. Foreign companies have also changed their working mode to working at home and remote assistance.
In order to assist the COVID-19 battle overseas, many domestic Internet platforms begin to accelerate their progress of going overseas. They wanted to better benefit overseas users through localized user interfaces, concise and easy-to-understand operation guides, and detailed training documents, lowering the impact of COVID-19 on life and work.

Assist the Development of Cloud Services
After the Spring Festival, Giltbridge received the translation tasks from several mainstream Internet companies. Our project personnel still working at home were required to translate cloud service documents for overseas audience with high quality and in a short time.
With more than 20 years of professional experience in the localization industry, Giltbridge has contributed to the COVID-19 battle through rapid response and high-quality delivery. From the Spring Festival to now, Giltbridge has delivered a total of more than one million words in related fields, covering UIs, user guides, and promotional texts. Giltbridge accelerates the application and development of Internet platforms overseas, and allows more overseas users to obtain fast and convenient online services.

In the COVID-19 battle against time, Giltbridge will shoulder its social responsibilities, work hard on the positions, and leverage expertise and advantages to contribute to the prevention and control of COVID-19.

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