Line and Subtitle Translation

Subtitles appear on the screen only for a short period of time, and they must be concise and easy-to-understand. When translating subtitles, we pay special attention to the style and culture of the video or film and translate terms precisely to break the barriers of culture and maintain the charm of the original video or film. Giltbridge provides subtitle production for dozens of films every year, and has rich experience in translating the content in films, videos, digital courses, flash presentations, and animations.
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Multilingual Audio Translation

Multilingual audio translation is the process of writing down the voice content in a video or audio and translating it into target languages. Audio translation minimizes the loss of details and ensures content integrity to support serious communication between speakers of different languages, for example, important international conferences and court hearings. Any mistake in audio translation may cause unpredictable losses and serious consequences in such scenarios. Giltbridge's fine-designed process ensures that every translator delivers error-free audio translation so that customers can enjoy all the benefits brought by this type of translation. With the spirit of perfection pursuit, Giltbridge is committed to training outstanding audio translators around the world and continuously collecting terminologies of various industries to help translators deliver more professional works. After more than 10 years of development, Giltbridge can now provide audio translation services in more than 40 languages. We also provide verbatim and summative audio translation services to meet unique requirements of customers.
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Subtitle Production

We can convert lines and subtitles into different languages, use special tools to produce lines and subtitles, and set the timeline exactly based on the voice speed and size, position, color, and font of the subtitles required by customers, so that the audience can obtain information easily. l Conversion between more than 40 common languages l Production of embedded and separate subtitles l Production of special effect subtitles (for embedded subtitles only) l Support WMV, WAV, AIF, FCP, and MP3 formats
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Multilingual Dubbing

Giltbridge provides professional dubbing services for more than 40 languages. With a team of professional dubbers carefully selected from native speakers around the world, we provide dubbing services for various types of media, for example, online demo, multimedia, video, movie, and TV program. We record in professional studios for all dubbing works to ensure optimal audio quality.
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Giltbridge has a film and television base located in Beijing. With this base, we can also provide visual effects design, film editing, DI toning, and special effects production services as well as music and advertising video production services. Our film and television base contains the following parts: Music recording studio, line recording studio, Dolby surround sound film mixing studio, 2K/2D toning studio, 4K/3D toning studio, VFX special effects production studio, and 4K/3D film review room, as well as required devices.
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