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Legal documents involve rights and obligations with legal effects, and any error may lead to serious losses.

As a special type of legal documents, patent application documents must not only conform to the linguistic requirements for patent application but also precisely interpret the technical solutions.

Our solutions allow you to use different methods based on the scenario to precisely and efficiently meet your linguistic requirements for legal affairs.

Main scenarios:
Business Scenarios Solutions
Legal material reference and internal team communication Legal document translation/onsite service
Non-litigation cases (legal consulting, legal advisory, and special legal service) Legal document translation/onsite service
IP (patent application, international search report, and comment and reply for QA review) Patent translation/onsite service
Settlement of domestic lawsuit, conciliation, and arbitration Legal document translation/onsite service
Settlement of international lawsuit, conciliation, and arbitration Legal document translation/onsite service
Remote communication and court hearing for international lawsuit, conciliation, and arbitration Escort interpretation/conference consecutive interpretation/conference simultaneous interpretation/stenography

Law & Patent Solutions

[Solution implementation] Giltbridge has a team of full-time legal linguists and law experts with profound industry backgrounds and technical capabilities, capable of precisely understanding the source language and delivering quality works. Our fine-designed Translation Edit Proofreading (TEP) process includes full text review, process check, and quality backtracking, ensuring effective implementation of our solutions. Giltbridge's internal translation platforms and more than 30 tools assist in pre-translation processing, quality check, format conversion, knowledge base management, and information security guarantee for our solutions. Through regular quality check result sharing, term and corpus maintenance, and project meetings as well as unscheduled quality backtracking and industry knowledge training, we have accumulated sufficient linguistic assets in the law and IP field, laying a solid foundation for our quality service.
[Success story] H is a famous Chinese ICT company. Investing heavily in R&D, it developed more and more IPs year by year and became one of the companies with the largest number of international patent applications in the world, which created a huge demand for translation of patent application documents. Giltbridge set up a dedicated project team of experienced technical translators and IP experts to handle H company's translation needs for international patent applications and patent lawsuit documents, which amount to approximately 10 million words per year. Years of technical translation experience enabled the team to precisely understand the customer's technical solutions and explain them in another language. The IP experts helped to ensure compliance of the documents, so that the customer could be granted with the patents with the maximum protection scope. In more than 10 years of cooperation between the two parties, Giltbridge not only provided the H company with patent document translation services but also contributed a great deal of content to its machine translation corpus. In addition, we dispatched our linguistic service team to the customer site and supported their internal team building.
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