Machinery & Manufacturing
Machinery & Manufacturing
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Characteristics of the Machinery & Manufacturing

Strict background requirements: Abundant knowledge is required to understand the bewildering variety of mechanical structures, principles, and processes.

Intensive use of abbreviations and acronyms: Abbreviations and acronyms are widely used in the machinery and manufacturing industry, causing difficulties for understanding.

Core Capabilities for the Machinery & Manufacturing

Industry Background

Since the launch of supply-side reform in China, machinery and industrial manufacturing enterprises have been facing the challenge of demand and growth rate decline. In this context, automobile and industrial manufacturers have several strategic options, for example, further innovations, R&D cooperation with leading international companies, international mergers and acquisitions, and international market expansion.
The "Made in China 2025" strategy has been rolled out, and emerging industries are growing at a rapid pace. Driven by these changes, many new and key industries will be benefited, including the new-generation information industry, high-end CNC machinery and robots, aviation and aerospace equipment, oceanic engineering equipment and high-tech shipbuilding, advanced rail transit equipment, energy conservation and new-energy vehicles, electric equipment, agricultural machinery, new materials, and photoelectric technologies.
Along with the robust development in these fields, the demands for language services also boom. It is forecast that the scale of China's language service market will grow by 20% to 25% owing to the development. This is a huge opportunity, and it will significantly influence the LSP market pattern in China.

Giltbridge’s Core Capabilities

The machinery and industrial manufacturing industry involves a wide range of technologies, which are constantly upgraded. It requires a complicated process that includes business, design, product planning, manufacturing, documentation, and localization, using a highly specialized terminology base. For this reason, linguistic service providers must have concrete knowledge reserve and in-depth understanding in these fields.
As a company with a tech background, Giltbridge has accumulated reserves of technologies, terminologies, and talents through more than 20 years of service and provides professional translation and localization solutions for a number of international car makers and industrial manufacturers. By leveraging our resources in China and the rest of Asia and knowledge reserves in various technical fields, we provide powerful linguistic support to help customers accelerate production, understand local markets, and shorten the delivery period, ensuring timely and quality delivery of their products and services.

Documents of our specialties

♦ Product specifications and description
♦ Installation and maintenance guide
♦ User guide and operation manuals
♦ Process description and engineering drawing
♦ Training materials and courseware

Voice of Customers

Customer Voice of Customers
Han’s Laser The frontline teams are satisfied with our work. The overall satisfaction has been greatly improved. This indicates the current resource allocation, process, and management are effective. Thank you for the support and dedication that you’ve been giving us for all the time. I hope that you could keep up the wonderful work with your increasing proficiency. Looking forward to more pleasant cooperation with you in the future. Thank you!
XX photoelectric company I must commend Giltbridge’s dedicated work. It’s the first time that I commend a translation team in all the translation tasks that I’ve handled. The source language of this project is not precise enough with lots of colloquial expressions. The translation team precisely captured the author’s real intentions and perfected the target language with proper additions and reductions. Moreover, they thoughtfully added annotations to the translation for our reference. Thank you very much.
Inovance Technology In the past year, we developed a massive amount of development, legal, and operational documents, which need to be translated into multiple languages. In our cooperation with Giltbridge, your business contact and project manager actively played their roles and helped us complete initial translation and proofreading of documents in more than 10 languages as well as translation of following iterations. Your support enabled us to update and launch systems as scheduled at all sites. Thank you very much!
XX automobile group Giltbridge perfectly arranged regular and rush jobs through active communication during translation. Their service guaranteed smooth progress of our product R&D. Thank you for your support. Wish you a more prosperous business in the future!
Wulong Automobile Your team helped us process a great deal of mechanical drawings during the early stage, which ensured smooth progress of following stages and greatly shortened the project period. Thanks a lot.

Industry Partners

We are proud to be a linguistic partner of these outstanding enterprises. It is an honor and also a symbol of trust and responsibility.
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