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Game translation aims to empower players in the target markets to enjoy consistent content, user interface, and gaming experience as the native players.

To successfully release a game globally, factors including culture, user interface, and image shall be taken into consideration, in addition to language conversion.

Giltbridge offers you an integrated game solution covering translation, localization, and multimedia processing, assisting global release of your game products.

Main scenarios:
Business Scenarios Solutions
Internationalization of game and software R&D materials (Chinese to English/English to multi-language) Technical document translation/onsite translation/documentation system setup
Localization of game and software R&D materials (English to Chinese/multi-language to English) Technical document translation/onsite translation/documentation system setup
Internationalization of game brand marketing materials Marketing document translation/website translation/multimedia production
Game brand marketing activities (exhibitions, multimedia marketing materials, and social media O&M) Simultaneous interpretation/consecutive interpretation/Simultaneous interpretation devices/meeting stenography/booth setup
Product and service delivery, technical material output, and onsite service Technical document translation/Onsite translation
After-sales service, customer survey and feedback, and service implementation Technical document translation/Onsite translation
O&M management, output of regulatory, legal, and financial documents, and onsite support Technical document translation and simultaneous interpretation

Gaming Industry Solutions

[Solution implementation] Giltbridge has a team of full-time game translators with many years' experience in the game industry and technology accumulation, capable of precisely understanding the culture background of games and delivering quality works. Our fine-designed Translation Edit Proofreading (TEP) process includes full text review, process check, and quality backtracking, ensuring effective implementation of our solutions. Giltbridge's internal translation platforms and more than 30 tools assist in pre-translation processing, quality check, format conversion, knowledge base management, and information security guarantee for our solutions. Through regular quality check result sharing, term and corpus maintenance, and project meetings as well as unscheduled quality backtracking and industry knowledge training, we have accumulated sufficient linguistic assets in the game field, laying a solid foundation for our quality service.
[Not just translation] Text translation is not sufficient for launching game products outside China. The characters, stories, and world views in a good game are unique and able to inspire resonance of players. What we have to do is to express these core elements in a language that matches the local culture. Apart from converting terms and texts, our game solution focuses on re-constructing stories, localizing videos, dialogs, images, and voice narrations, adapting to the cultural background, and resolving political and legal disputes. Giltbridge believes that our game solution can help your local players get an optimal gaming experience.
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