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Giltbridge Joined the 2018 Language Supplier Quality Summit Organized by Huawei

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Huawei organized the 2018 Language Supplier Quality Summit in Huawei Training Center in Bantian Street of Shenzhen.
As a language service provider of Huawei, Giltbridge was invited to join this summit
 to discuss the eternal theme – quality – in a sincere and open way.
No quality no business 
Giltbridge reviewed its achievements and quality performance in the past year,
through a group of charts and tables with rich data,
to show its partnership with Huawei in the journey to the destination.
This conference consisted of several speeches around the theme "Customer Centric".
Huaweiers summarized experience and shared forward-looking thoughts.
This conference also contained an interaction section
for brain storming.


The red certificate and HUAWEI Mate 10
witnessed individual pursuit for outstanding and also the honor of a team.
At this summit, we also felt that:
To go together with Huaweiers,
we must persist in hard working and self-criticism.
In 2018, let's keep moving for better quality in the future.

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