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Giltbridge - Your Globalization Service Provider
More than 20 years of experience in the ICT industry providing professional and efficient language conversion services for customers from CT, Internet, and IT backgrounds.
Characteristics of the ICT

Fast technology iteration: New concepts and products emerge every day with rapid development of technologies.

Wide range of related subjects: Technological development in underlying and guiding industries depends on an extensive range of subjects.

Core Capabilities for the ICT

Industry Background

Communication technologies and products are developing at an increasing speed, and the demand for traditional operator services is hitting the bottleneck. Mobile Internet is making robust progress, full-scale popularization of 5G technologies is gaining momentum, and the AI era is just round the corner.                   
Mobile Internet has triggered a new round of innovation and transformation with new products, services, and business modes invented every day. IoV, IoT, and innovative services are changing the way we live and work. From smart devices to smart hardware, the Industrial Internet is building the foundation of smart manufacturing, while cloud computing and big data technologies are driving the evolution of new technologies and platforms. In the meantime, protecting infrastructure and information resources has become an indispensable strategy of every network participant. 

Core Capabilities of Giltbridge

For more than 20 years, Giltbridge has been providing linguistic services for the CT industry. We help customers seize fleeting opportunities by completing preparations for product iteration as early as possible, providing precise information for users, and supporting customers in product promotion and use. All our work is to improve the overall product and service experience of customers.

Documents of our specialties

♦ Product introduction
♦ Technical specifications and standards
♦ Installation, debugging, and maintenance guide
♦ User manuals
♦ Patent application and queries
♦ Help documents
♦ Training materials
♦ Promotion and marketing documents

Voice of Customers

Giltbridge has been working hard in the ICT field for more than 20 years, winning praises from many customers. Here are voices from some of our customers.
Customer Voice of Customers
FiberHome After system launch, the Giltbridge team delivered a massive amount of documents on time and with high quality. The training materials, IT system manuals, and operation support documents that they translated had greatly supported the successful implementation of our system in many countries.
Internet company XX For all the time this year, our translator friends from Giltbridge have been working side by side with the project team and provided great translation for a huge number of documents that we use for project promotion and operations. Thank you again for helping us achieve our project goals!
Tencent Many thanks to Giltbridge for the great support that you gave us lately. Apart from the documents that we sent you, you sent translators to our office for those that cold not leave our office. You also worked together with us at weekends to support our urgent needs. We are truly thankful for that.
Qualcomm Thank you, Giltbridge. We’ve completed business launch and system cutover in 239 countries and representative offices. We truly appreciate the great support that your team gave us for all our changes.
Leading ICT company XX We required delivery of an English-to-Chinese translation task with more than 30,000 words within three days for urgent use of the telecom cloud project. Giltbridge overcame difficulties and delivered the translation, error-free, within just two working days with all the terminologies properly verified and annotated. We should learn from your attitude toward quality and customer.
Southern Telecom Giltbridge scores higher than our quality standard in all our quarterly quality review. It gives me a great pleasure to praise your excellent performance and exempt you from the next quarterly review.

Industry Partners

We are proud to be a linguistic partner of these outstanding enterprises. It is an honor and also a symbol of trust and responsibility.
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