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Giltbridge Is Certified as a National Hi-Tech Enterprise

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At the end of 2020, Giltbridge is recognized as a national hi-tech enterprise in accordance with the Measures for the Administration of the Recognition of Hi-Tech Enterprises and Guidelines for the Administration of the Recognition of Hi-Tech Enterprises.
Giltbridge receives the National Hi-Tech Enterprise Certificate jointly issued by the Science, Technology and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, Finance Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, Shenzhen Tax Service of the State Taxation Administration, and Local Taxation Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality. Holding this certificate, Giltbridge becomes the only language service provider among the over 3,000 national hi-tech enterprises in China.
Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the language service industry. Giltbridge has been exploring new technologies to address its needs and pain points in language service delivery. In the last two years, Giltbridge is granted nine national patents on software, thanks to the continuous effort to improve the efficiency and quality of language services.
Many enterprises that have established a long-term partnership with Giltbridge, such as Huawei, Mindray, China General Nuclear Power Corporation, and Han's, also receive the certificate this time. We will continue to adhere to the specialization strategy and improve our service delivery capability to grow and thrive with partners.
The National Hi-Tech Enterprise Certification is a key milestone in the over 20 years' history of Giltbridge, and the start point of the journey of pursuing our value in the next 20 years.
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