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Language conversion is a key challenge for Chinese and foreign companies seeking expansion in each other's markets.

With more than 20 years of experience, Giltbridge provides solutions for all business scenarios, enabling customers to easily address linguistic challenges.

Our solutions allow you to use different methods based on the scenario to make your business process smooth and efficient at lower cost.

Main scenarios:
Business Scenarios Solutions
Internationalization of technical, marketing, and O&M documents (Chinese to English/English to multiple languages) Technical document translation/Onsite translation
Internationalization and localization of technical, marketing, and O&M documents (English to Chinese/multiple languages to English) Technical document translation/Onsite translation
Multilingual processing for videos, audios, images, and animations Marketing material translation/line translation/audio translation/subtitle production/multilingual dubbing/post-production
Multilingual services for conferences and activities Simultaneous interpretation/consecutive interpretation/Simultaneous interpretation devices/meeting stenography/booth setup
Internationalization of corporate software/website/app Website translation/game translation/translation technology service
Document quality improvement and document system building Content diagnosis, style definition, process formulation, and capability development
Product training Technical document translation/line translation/escort interpretation/conference consecutive interpretation
Terminology management/linguistic asset management/document format management/linguistic delivery efficiency improvement Translation technology service/internationalized document system setup

Overall Linguistic Service Sol

[Solution description] As the global value chain is going through structural changes, China is contributing more than more values to the world. Chinese and foreign companies need to learn and adapt to the local markets linguistically and culturally when seeking expansion in each other's markets. In this context, Giltbridge is committed to providing enterprises with comprehensive one-stop linguistic services in diverse forms and leveraging its strong technical capabilities to deliver quality works. In addition to translation of technical documents, marketing materials, law and patent documents, websites, and multimedia content, we also support your branding, marketing, R&D, and after-sales activities through services such as linguist dispatch, conference interpretation, device rental, stage setup, and media placement. We believe we can create more values for customers with our special capabilities.
[Solution implementation] Giltbridge has a team of full-time linguists and technicians with profound industry backgrounds and technical capabilities, capable of precisely understanding the source language and delivering quality works. Our fine-designed Translation Edit Proofreading (TEP) process includes full text review, process check, and quality backtracking, ensuring effective implementation of our solutions. Giltbridge's internal translation platforms and more than 30 tools assist in pre-translation processing, quality check, format conversion, knowledge base management, and information security guarantee for our solutions. Through regular quality check result sharing, term and corpus maintenance, and project meetings as well as unscheduled quality backtracking and industry knowledge training, we have accumulated sufficient linguistic assets in our preponderant fields, laying a solid foundation for our quality service.
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