Escort Interpretation

Escort interpretation is suitable for business and life occasions with lower language requirements, for example, small business meetings or negotiations, overseas travel escort, factory or site visits, exhibitions, seeing a doctor, and going through various formalities. These occasions only require general random communication with no specific background. Therefore, the requirements for the interpreter are less strict.
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Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation mostly applies to situations with moderate language requirements, such as business occasions like business meetings and escorted tours, professional occasions like medical appointments and legal proceedings, and daily life occasions like travels and shopping. Consecutive interpretation does not require specialized equipment for interpretation. For more information and advice, please contact Giltbridge's marketing personnel.
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Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is used for 95% of international conferences. As a service with high requirements for providers’ academic and professional capabilities, it is usually used in high-end international conferences, economic forums, and formal meetings organized by governments. For more information and advice, please contact Giltbridge's marketing personnel.
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Simultaneous Interpretation Devices

Simultaneous interpretation devices include booth, host machine (with a central controller, far IR transmitter, far IR radiator, interpreter machines, and headsets), receiver headset, and radiant panel. Generally, we install the devices at the venue one day ahead of the event, and our engineers stay standby throughout the event in case of any accident.
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Meeting stenographers need to record as much content of speeches as possible within very limited time during a meeting. For globalized companies, English is often used as the meeting language as the meetings are attended by people from different countries. For that reason, stenography has become a big challenge as the stenographer needs to record quickly and precisely in English. Giltbridge has been providing multilingual stenography service for customers for many years, allowing customers to focus on the meeting itself and work more efficiently.
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Success Stories

Giltbridge provides simultaneous interpretation and conference organization services for more than 30 conferences annually and has more than 10 full-time interpreters working on customer sites. Also, we have successful experiences of supporting important events such as the NRTA Jinpeng Awards, Municipal Low Carbon Day, and state heads' visits to China. Giltbridge's interpretation project managers keep communicating with English, Japanese, Korean, French, and German interpreters to learn about their areas of expertise, work habits, and job attitudes, so that they can provide professional advice and efficient support for conferences. We provide a complete range of software and hardware services, including transportation, installation, and onsite maintenance of the simultaneous interpretation host machine, audio system, video system, conference system, and lighting system, at preferential prices for events such as international exhibitions and conferences, press conferences, foreign affairs activities, and large forums.
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