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ICT enterprises need a linguistic channel to effectively communicate with global users.

To survive fierce market competition, they also need to quickly adapt to local markets by providing tailored products and services.

Based on our many years of service for the ICT industry and deep understandings of each stage in the product process, we have developed our solutions to help you deploy your products around the world quickly and efficiently.

Main scenarios:
Business Scenarios Solutions
Internationalization of ICT product R&D documents (Chinese to English/English to multiple languages) Technical document translation/onsite translation/documentation system setup
Localization of ICT product R&D documents (English to Chinese/multiple languages to English) Technical document translation/onsite translation/documentation system setup
Internationalization of branding and marketing documents Marketing document translation/website translation/multimedia production
Branding and marketing activities (exhibitions, multimedia marketing documents, and social media operations) Simultaneous interpretation/consecutive interpretation/Simultaneous interpretation devices/meeting stenography/booth setup
ICT product training Technical document translation/line translation/escort interpretation/conference consecutive interpretation
ICT product delivery, technical document output, and onsite support Technical document translation/Onsite translation
After-sales service, customer survey and feedback, and service implementation Technical document translation/Onsite translation
O&M management, output of regulatory, legal, and financial documents, and onsite support Technical document translation/conference simultaneous interpretation

ICT Solutions

[Solution implementation] Giltbridge has a team of full-time ICT linguists and technical experts with profound industry backgrounds and technical capabilities, capable of precisely understanding ICT technologies and delivering quality works. Our fine-designed Translation Edit Proofreading (TEP) process includes full text review, process check, and quality backtracking, ensuring effective implementation of our solutions. Giltbridge's internal translation platforms and more than 30 tools assist in pre-translation processing, quality check, format conversion, knowledge base management, and information security guarantee for our solutions. Through regular quality check result sharing, term and corpus maintenance, and project meetings as well as unscheduled quality backtracking and industry knowledge training, we have accumulated sufficient linguistic assets for the ICT industry, laying a solid foundation for our quality service.
[Success story] Established Chinese ICT company XX needed a massive amount of document translation and linguistic resources during its product and service globalization. This project had demanding requirements: The translation service provider must strictly follow the client's document style guide, meet its quality standard, and ensure a 100% on-time delivery. Therefore, it required the provider to invest great time and energy in building a dedicated linguist team for this project. As soon as they turned to Giltbridge, we quickly set up the project team with proper resources and constantly upgraded the hardware and software, which helped both parties overcome the difficulties encountered in the initial period of the cooperation. As customers continuously upgrade their businesses, Giltbridge keeps strengthening capabilities of linguistic service teams and improving their delivery flexibility to better support changing linguistic requirements of customers. Through inclusive and open cooperation, Giltbridge has established long-term partnerships with customers. For decades, we have been supporting customers' successes, which in return, has made us a benchmark linguistic service provider for the ICT industry.
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