Technical Document Translation

China's science and technology industry is taking off. At present, China exports a large number of high-tech products, but also consumes much high-tech products from abroad. The huge market space for high-tech products such as electronics, software, and hardware brings about both broad prospect and fiercer market competition. Through long-term cooperation with the world's top tech companies, our team has gained a wealth of experience in translation services for industries such as CT, IT, Internet, semiconductor, software, and AI. By leveraging our knowledge base built through 20 years of service, we provide professional linguistic services and systematic solutions for various documents, for example, product manuals, R&D documents, and user manuals, of a great many customers.
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Marketing Material Translation

Unlike technical documents, marketing materials need to be presented to more diverse audiences. To touch the soul of all these audiences, brand content and expressions must be expressive and localized. Therefore, broad knowledge, flexible expression, and deep understanding of local culture are necessary for translators to transcreate marketing materials and tailor them by local style, instead of literally translating them. Giltbridge's marketing translation and transcreation team is made up of a score of experienced language experts, who have been providing language service for more than 10 years for advertising, marketing, and branding. They are skilled in the conversion between languages using appropriate styles. You can trust us with the globalization of your marketing vision, while you only need to concentrate on strategy, ideas, and content creation.
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Law and Patent Translation

As more and more enterprises are seeking to expand their businesses to other countries in this increasingly globalized market, they are faced with many legal risks. Under this circumstance, international companies are in urgent need of patent protection across different jurisdictions for their R&D and sales efforts. To safeguard their intellectual property rights, they need to apply for patents with accurate and comprehensive information.
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Website Localization

According to the statistics of foreign trade platforms such as Global Sources and Alibaba, customers prefer product and service introduction in their native languages when both the English version and the local language version are available on the website. Therefore, in addition to Chinese and English websites, providing your production information in the local language of your target market has surprisingly good effect on your expansion to the international market. Our professional multilingual website translation service gives you another competitive edge for your international expansion. In addition to encyclopedic business and law knowledge of the target industry and region, law and patent translators must also be detail-focused, rigorous, and information-sensitive to provide quality service. Giltbridge's team of linguistic experts with a law background ensure that our deliverables conform to the strict requirements of your industry.
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Game and Software Translation

To promptly respond to user and market changes, most software developers use the agile development mode for quick iteration. Following software development and update, software localization needs to be updated instantly. The characteristics of software translation, for example, labeled, mixed, and fragmented text and translation neutrality and restriction, make software localization harder than regular text translation.
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Translation Technology Service

In addition to translation itself, IT and technical support are also important for linguistic services. Through 20 years of service in this business, we have gained rich experience and developed supporting tools for DTP, corpus production, terminology management, and translation style guide writing. With all-round translation support, we can deliver more efficiently, and customers can focus on core linguistic requirements.
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