Health Care & Life Science
Health Care & Life Science
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Characteristics of the Health Care & Life Science

Medical terminologies: The medical vocabulary is huge and difficult, requiring linguists with a medical background.

Low error tolerance: Any misunderstanding or incorrect expression may lead to severe consequences as this industry deals with human life and health.

Core Capabilities for the Health Care & Life Science

Industry Background

China has a huge health care market, and it is expanding rapidly for reasons such as population aging, urbanization, wealth growth, and perfection of a basic health insurance system. In the last nine years, China’s health care consumption has been growing at a compound rate of 17.2%. Today, China spends 5.6% of its GNP in health care services, compared with 7.7% in high-income countries. Considering the massive population and consumption base, China's health care market still has great potential for further growth. 

Giltbridge's Core Capabilities

Giltbridge has developed comprehensive capabilities through its continuous technology cultivation and service for medical devices and clinical trials. Our translation and localization services have enabled customers to win recognition from the rapidly-developing health care and life science markets and tackle the localization difficulties in the pharmaceuticals, medical device, and health care service fields in their efforts to enter into the global market and meet regulatory requirements of the local market.

Documents of our specialties
♦ Installation, operation, and maintenance manuals for medical devices
♦ Health care market promotion materials and contracts
♦ Clinical reports
♦ Medical software localization
♦ Online help
♦ Medical patent applications and queries
♦ Medical research reports
♦ Medical data
♦ Diagnostic report
♦ Medical technical specifications and standards

Voice of Customers

Customer Voice of Customers
WEGO Medical Giltbridge got an “A” in the quarterly quality review. They strictly follow the work code in every task and achieved a 100% compliance rate in the process compliance check. XXX has received praise from demanders many times and demonstrated an excellent team spirit. She gave us great support when our biochemical project delivery hit a bottleneck.
AUSTAR Giltbridge responds to our requests very quickly and assigns resources properly to delivery quality translation on time. Thank you very much!
Jozef, project manager of a foreign company Thanks for the smoothly cooperation, as always
David Medical Thanks to the girls of Giltbridge for their quick and quality translation! You can always figure out the logic and discuss with us to avoid word-for-word translation and give us suggestions. You’ve impressed us with your precise translation and pursuit of excellence.
Mindray Medical I sent a 3,000-word task for international registration after work yesterday and required delivery at 10:00 this morning. My Giltbridge friends worked late last night to complete the draft translation. The translation was reviewed and delivered this morning and passed our check. We highly appreciate your craftsmanship and sense of responsibility.

Industry Partners

We are proud to be a linguistic partner of these outstanding enterprises. It is an honor and also a symbol of trust and responsibility.
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