Onsite Service

For reasons of information security and collaboration efficiency, customers may need personnel of linguistic service providers to work with their own employees on their sites. Giltbridge has an outsourcing service team of more than 100 people. Over many years, we have a team dedicated to customers' human resource outsourcing requirements, which is responsible for selection of resources and evaluation of professional capabilities and career intentions. We use a two-level system to manage our employees on customer sites, including tracking their performance and communicating with customers to improve their efficiency.
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Offshore/Offsite Development Center

Offshore/Offsite Development Center (ODC) is a new outsourcing mode, in which dedicated offices and teams are created according to customers' requirements to support their needs, helping customers improve efficiency and reduce operating expenses. It is a widely accepted mode that ensures visibility and predictability for customers throughout the document development process. Giltbridge is an experienced ODC service provider with a mature management system and capable team. We can quickly form teams and satisfy customer needs according to customers' requirements and help customers speed up their globalization or localization process with our advantages in human resource cost and delivery capability. ODCs can be built and managed by Giltbridge or provide service for customers in the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) mode.
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Advantages of Onsite Service

Benefits that customers enjoy from Giltbridge’s onsite teams: 1. Stable professional teams ensure constantly high translation quality. 2. Massive amount of translation needs can be rapidly satisfied with flexible productivity control. 3. Long-term cooperation familiarizes us with customers’ style requirements, ensuring deliveries with excellent consistency. 4. With no overhead, customers can better control costs in this mode than building in-house translation teams.
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