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Laws & IPs
Laws & IPs
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Characteristics of the Laws & IPs

Significant differences between different genealogies of law: The two genealogies of law use different legal concepts and terms, causing difficulties for understanding and use.

Obscure legal document content: Translators need to understand all the obscure terms and sentence structures, overlay of similar words, repetitive essentials, and lengthy sentences for properly translation of legal documents.

Core Capabilities for the Laws & IPs

Industry Background

The increasingly frequent economic and business exchanges and technology integration have significantly accelerated the globalization process. However, such exchanges are often affected by the differences in legal systems and concepts in different countries. Legal documents involve rights and obligations with legal effects, and any error may lead to misunderstandings and even serious economic losses. Therefore, legal document translation requires extremely high professionalism.
International patent application is an important way for enterprises to protect research achievements and maximize rights and interests in the globalized market. As a special type of legal documents, patent application documents must not only conform to the linguistic requirements for patent application but also precisely interpret the technical solutions. Non-compliance to the requirements will result in patent application failures, causing irreparable losses for missing the protection time window.

Giltbridge’s Core Capabilities

Giltbridge has been providing professional legal and patent services for enterprises for more than 10 years. Our linguistic experts have developed a wealth of legal and IP knowledge through their experience in massive processing of patent application documents. With the support of dedicated project management teams and properly-defined processes, we ensure timely and precise translation of legal documents to help customer safeguard their interests.

Documents of our specialties
Corporate legal affairs
♦ Investment/M&A/financing documents
♦ Corporate rules and regulations
♦ Sales/procurement/service contracts
♦ Cooperation agreements
♦ Memorandums
♦ Due diligence investigation documents

IP documents
♦ Patent application documents
♦ International search reports
♦ OA review comments and replies

♦ Lawyer's letter
♦ Litigation documents
♦ Arbitration documents
♦ Conciliation documents
♦ Evidences

Voice of Customers

Customer Voice of Customers
XX IP agency Good job! Some of the sentences in Claim 9 are lengthy with lots of modifiers. The translator has correctly located the main sentence and used clauses to explain the modifiers to make the sentences easier to understand. We appreciate your persistent pursuit of excellent quality.
Zhongmao Law Firm You've impressed us with your professional service and stable quality. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone with similar needs.
SEG Group Your team translated our financial report really carefully and helped us fix two source errors. Very professional job!
Matthiasscholl We do have great cooperation on Apple CHS-ENUS projects. Looking forward to cooperating with you on ENUS-CHS projects.
Internet company XX The simultaneous interpreter has been very helpful. I’ve already received a letter of thanks from my colleague in Japan. Please send my gratitude to her professional and dedicated work.

Industry Partners

We are proud to be a linguistic partner of these outstanding enterprises. It is an honor and also a symbol of trust and responsibility.
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