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Health Care Industry Solutions • Application Scenarios

User manuals of medical equipment must be translated accurately because any error may lead to misoperations and huge risks of enterprises.

Accurate, compliant, and properly localized language services that abide by life science industry supervision are of vital importance to medical enterprises.

Our medical solution provides accurate and highly-efficient language services for medical equipment, pharmacy, clinical experiments, and medical care.

Main scenarios:
Business Scenarios Solutions
Internationalization of medical products' R&D materials (Chinese to English/English to multi-language) Technical document translation/onsite translation/documentation system setup
Localization of medical products' R&D materials (English to Chinese/multi-language to English) Technical document translation/onsite translation/documentation system setup
Internationalization of branding and marketing documents Marketing document translation/website translation/multimedia production
Branding and marketing activities (exhibitions, multimedia marketing documents, and social media operations) Simultaneous interpretation/consecutive interpretation/Simultaneous interpretation devices/meeting stenography/booth setup
Medical product training Technical document translation/line translation/escort interpretation/conference consecutive interpretation
Medical product delivery, technical material output, and onsite service Technical document translation/Onsite translation
After-sales service, customer survey and feedback, and service implementation Technical document translation/Onsite translation
Management and maintenance, output of management regulations and financial documents, and onsite service
Technical document translation/conference simultaneous interpretation
Medical compliance management Legal translation and consecutive interpretation

Health Care Industry Solutions

[Solution implementation] Giltbridge has a team of full-time medical linguists and technical experts with profound industry backgrounds and technical capabilities, capable of precisely understanding the source language and delivering quality works. Our fine-designed Translation Edit Proofreading (TEP) process includes full text review, process check, and quality backtracking, ensuring effective implementation of our solutions. Giltbridge's internal translation platforms and more than 30 tools assist in pre-translation processing, quality check, format conversion, knowledge base management, and information security guarantee for our solutions. Through regular quality check result sharing, term and corpus maintenance, and project meetings as well as unscheduled quality backtracking and industry knowledge training, we have accumulated sufficient linguistic assets in the health care and life science field, laying a solid foundation for our quality service.
[Success story] Company M is a world leading supplier of medical equipment and solutions with a wide business scope. In the past two decades, Company M has been committed to the innovation and development of high-end medical technologies and has launched a large number of new products every year. Company M requires a partner to help them translate their massive documents. Giltbridge set up a dedicated project team to process translation requirements of Company M. This team translates technical documents and manuals of Company M's more than 300 products. In addition, the translation volume of the fixed FDA project is up to 5 million words each year. This project team can always quickly respond and assist Company M in delivering products globally. Giltbridge also provides emergency support services for multiple worldwide subsidiaries of Company M to go listed. When needed, we work day and night to produce required documents. We have cooperated with Company M for nearly eight years and have established a good partnership with Company M. We are familiar with the style and specifications of Company M's documents, and we also develop corpora for multiple product lines to ensure the quality and consistency of our deliverables.
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