English Content Diagnosis and Training

Language conversion is the first challenge that enterprises face in their globalization efforts. For a long time, most Chinese enterprises have failed to properly internationalize their documentation systems when seeking opportunities in the global market. Owing to that, their document quality is affected by defects like inconsistencies of Chinese and English versions, English document styles, and terminologies. As a result, their international customers and partners often complain that they "don't understand the product manuals", "don't understand the marketing materials", or "don't understand the English website", which has affected their brand image on the international market and even led to crises of confidence.
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English Style Customization and Optimization

A language is universal and personalized at the same time as each user has his/her unique vocabulary and way of language organization. The content and documents of a company are developed to convey unified corporate information and help shape a unified corporate image. Therefore, using unified styles in English documents is essential for enterprises with globalization ambitions. This solution helps customers define style guides in accordance with their globalization goals. Based on the strengths and weaknesses of existing guides, we offer optimization suggestions.
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Translation Process Design and Training

A scientific translation process is key to the deliverable quality, delivery efficiency, and cost control. Giltbridge analyzes the existing system to identify weaknesses and shortages of customers' processes, resources, and techniques and offers suggestions for process optimization and definition and optimization of KPIs and language quality standards. Consider using this solution if you need to improve the efficiency and quality of your translation team or take measures to avoid quality risks.
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Translation Skill Improvement

A stable and efficient translation team provides powerful support for globalization and solid implementation of technical measures. This solution helps customers build their own translation teams and improves their translation skills. With rich training experience, Giltbridge can help customers' translation teams mature rapidly at lower cost. This solution is your first choice to solve the incapabilities typical of new translation teams, such as idiomaticity, readability, and technical understanding, that you detect in English content diagnosis.
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