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Giltbridge Chengdu Branch Had a Journey to Panda Valley Scenic Spot in 2018

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    On September 8, 2018, White Dew, Giltbridge employees formed a hiking team as scheduled and marched towards their destination — the beautiful Panda Valley Scenic Spot in West Sichuan Plateau.
     We took a bus to Gengda Township, the location of Panda Valley Scenic Spot. The bus passed through Dujiangyan, Wenchuan, and Yingxiu Town. We enjoyed enchanting scenery along the road. Some colleagues sang songs, some told jokes, and some guessed riddles to win gifts. We had a wonderful time on the bus.


     There are flocks of cattle and sheep under white clouds. In the mountains, birds were jumping in the bushes. Under the sky, cattle and sheep were leisurely grazing and playing. We temporarily forgot the troubles in life, and wanted time to stay in this moment.




      Back to the foot of the mountain, we arranged a barbecue dinner and a prize draw. Our colleagues played games to win gifts. The delicious food and interesting games gave a warm and happy ending to this team building activity.
      This event was a complete success, and all the colleagues worked together to reach the peak. This is a challenge to the limits of personal will and physical ability. Let us cherish every opportunity to climb to the top, accept the baptism of nature, and enjoy a leap in spirit and body. Let us spread our wings and fly high. Not forgetting our original intention, Giltbridge will have a brighter future.
Silent mountains, getting away from noisy;
Blue sky, getting away from fog and haze;
Cheerful journey, getting away from busy work.
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