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Giltbridge Chengdu Office Carried Out a Team Building Activity

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On August 19, 2017, a sunny day.
We carried out a team building activity to celebrate the setup of the representative office in Chengdu. Early in the morning, Giltbridge's colleagues and family members arrived at Chengdu Global Center, where this activity was held. They would enjoy delicious food and have a happy hour in Island Ocean Park for a whole day.

To play happily, we must first have a good lunch. Giltbridge arranged the buffet at the InterContinental Hotel in the Global Center. Paradise Island Cafe of InterContinental Hotel was well-known for its seashore scenery and delicious seafood. Sitting on the cane chairs, we chatted about funny things while enjoying delicious food.

Various kinds of excellent cuisines inspired the appetites of the girls who used to be gentle. It's amazing. After eating several beefsteaks, more than ten sashimis, and dozens of shrimps, we still have appetites for desserts.

A wide variety of delicious food satisfied our stomachs and enriched our hearts. Anyway, there was still another thing waiting for us. Giltbridge prepared us tickets for Island Ocean Park.
Island Ocean Park in the Global Center, a paradise where you can enjoy water sports, is a good choice for the people of Chengdu to go in hot summer. It has a super large indoor wave pool of 10,000 square meters, 18 exciting water slides, the largest horn-shaped surfing equipment in Asia, and 11 hot springs with different temperature. Let's look at the images. See, how happy our little beauties are.

Of course, the babies also had a happy time here. The fresh air in summer, the cool water pools, and the embrace from parents. All these would be happy memories for the children.

This Saturday in August left us full of happiness and joy. It's a good fortune to gather in Giltbridge. In the days to come, we will work together to create more impressive memories.
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