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Giltbridge Organized a Spring Festival Annual Symposium

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Join Hands in 2019 
To Surpass Oneself and Win Bright Future 

Giltbridge Organized a Spring Festival Annual Symposium 



Year 2019 is approaching
accompanied with the white snow. 
The whole country is decorated to celebrate the new year. Shenzhen, Nanjing, and Chengdu branches of Giltbridge co-organized a spring festival annual symposium on January 19, 2019. On this exciting day, we gathered together to toast and reminisce about 2018 that we walked together.


   No team can succeed without excellent individuals. No individual can succeed without the platform provided by the company. There are always outstanding employees who contributed a lot, never considering the return. They worked side by side with the company for the past five or ten years. Thanks for your contribution. Giltbridge has a brighter future because of you.


At the end of the commendation session, we played interesting games. Some colleagues sang songs and others danced. All of us exhibited what we are good at to compete for the best.


The employees who did not gain a bonus expressed their determination to get one in the next year. After enjoying the happy hours, we brought exquisite gifts back home.




   The achievements in 2018 made us happy. The future of 2019 is worth looking forward to. When united, we are strong. Let's wish a prospective future through highly-effective teamwork. Let's wish our parents and family members a life of happiness and prosperity. Fighting, friends.




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