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Giltbridge Organized a Traditional Medical Treatment Activity

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On September 12 and 13, Giltbridge Chengdu branch invited Wu Lei, a senior clinician from Chengdu University of TCM Affiliated Hospital, to provide two-day diagnosis and treatment services for its employees, aiming at improving their knowledge and care for health.
In order to help employees find the source of disease and sort out the causes, the clinician explained daily health knowledge and TCM physiotherapy and health care and gave them recuperation and health care suggestions based on the staff's living habits to help employees know their own physical conditions, improve self-care awareness, and develop a healthy lifestyle.
At the diagnosis and treatment office, the clinician carefully pulsed, measured blood pressure, asked questions, and checked the conditions of cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebra to provide treatments according to the staff's symptoms. The clinician provided treatments such as cupping, scraping, and electronic acupuncture and gave special diagnosis and treatment advices to optimize symptoms, such as poor sleep, insufficiency of vital energy and blood, shoulder and neck pain, insomnia, and endocrine dyscrasia.
This event was well praised by the employees. They said that this event allowed them to understand their physical conditions better and can eliminate potential health risks. They said that they would do more exercises and change their living habits to work more actively and create greater values in their positions.
Giltbridge cared for every employee with sincerity and allowed them to feel the warmth of the big family.

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