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Giltbridge Joined China Language Service Industry Collaborative Innovation Forum

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In October 2018, the 3rd China Language Service Industry Collaborative Innovation Forum was held in Anhui University Of Technology in Ma'anshan. Language service providers in and outside China, experts from universities, and ALSP members joined the forum. As an ALSP member, Giltbridge was also invited to join the forum.
Language services have developed rapidly in recent years and have gradually become a strategic and leading industry for mutual understanding, exchange, and cooperation between China and the world. Promoted by many well-known people in the industry, ALSP organized the 2018 annual conference together with universities for the first time, which aroused high expectations from the industry.
At the opening ceremony of the conference, Zuo Renjun, Secretary-General of ALSP, Wei Xianwen, Schoolmaster of Anhui University Of Technology, and Dong Xiaohong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Ma'anshan Municipal Government, delivered speeches respectively. Nearly 60 guests communicated with each other in depth on topics including "Carrier Development of Foreign Language", "International Student Education Development under the Belt and Road Initiative", "Operation and Management of Language Service Enterprises", "Integrated Development of Production and Education of Translation Major in Colleges and Universities in the New Era", and "Translation Technology and Project Management" and shared their experience and insights.
In the session themed "Language Service Enterprise Operation and Management Closed-Door Seminar", experts from the industry shared the latest industry news and technologies from aspects of sales path, customer management, salary and employment system, project management, and translation technology and platform. Guests showed their enthusiasm on this theme contributed a lot of ideas.
The conference organizers were thoughtful and they set up a sharing and communication platform for experts from the industry to interact in depth on novel topics. This conference helped language service enterprises grow bigger and stronger, improved awareness and recognition of the language service industry in the society, enhanced the social values of language services, and promoted the healthy development of the industry.
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