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Technical Document Translation

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China's science and technology industry is taking off. At present, China exports a large number of high-tech products, but also consumes much high-tech products from abroad. The huge market space for high-tech products such as electronics, software, and hardware brings about both broad prospect and fiercer market competition.
For high-tech companies, innovation is always a key factor in achieving competitive differentiation. They need to continuously develop new products, new services, and even new business models to maintain competitive. Their document support department has an urgent task: finding a way to efficiently and accurately convey information about their products, services, and business models to global customers.
Through long-term cooperation with the world's top tech companies, our team has gained a wealth of experience in translation services for industries such as CT, IT, Internet, semiconductor, software, and AI. By leveraging our knowledge base built through 20 years of service, we provide professional linguistic services and systematic solutions for various documents, for example, product manuals, R&D documents, and user manuals, of a great many customers.
Technical document translation has always been Giltbridge's area of expertise. With 5 to 7 years of translation experience, our language experts do not just convert languages from one to another, but also acquire in-depth understanding of the technologies in the source documents, comply with styles specified by customers, and have rich experience in terminology, different file formats, and CAT tools. These ensure translation accuracy, style compliance, and working efficiency.

Giltbridge's over 100 in-house translators and several hundreds of part-time translators can deliver several millions of words per month over our efficient online production platform.

Giltbridge can provide translations in a wide range of document formats, relieving customers from the burdens to convert documents to specific formats. Our professional DTP experts can help you process documents in the following formats:

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