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Information and translation technologies are an necessity in globalization or localization of technical document translation. Translation service providers need these technologies to ensure the quality of deliverables, improve working efficiency, and cope with new challenges.

Giltbridge integrates translation memory technology, translation assistance technology, term management technology, software engineering technology, and quality assurance technology into analysis, planning, implementation, and delivery of translation projects to the greatest extent, continuously optimizing our service efficiency, quality, and capability. In addition to language conversion services, we also provide technical support services to improve delivery efficiency and allow our clients to focus mainly on language.

DTP Typesetting
Long-term translation and localization experience has enabled us to accumulate a lot of practical experience in DTP typesetting. With qualified DTP experts, Giltbridge can offer clients DTP services in more than 40 languages.
We can use almost all DTP tools available in the industry to generate deliverables that resemble the original layout and meet the language and printing standards of the target region.
·  Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint
·  CorelDraw
·  Adobe FrameMaker
·  Adobe Indesign
·  AutoCAD
·  Adobe Photoshop
·  Adobe Illustrator
·  QuarkXPress
·  MadCap Flare
·  Oxygen XML Editor

TM Base Development
Giltbridge can provide the alignment service to create TM bases from the source and target files provided by clients, helping them quickly accumulate high-quality language assets. We allow translators to reference and reuse existing sentences in the TM bases to maximally uniform the translation style and improve the translation quality and consistency.

Term Management
Giltbridge can provide the term extraction service to create term libraries from the source and target files provided by clients. The term libraries meet the needs of different industries and enterprises and guarantee the style of terminology of deliverables. The term extraction service can save the time of communication and translation and avoid translation errors and inconsistencies in keywords and phrases.
Giltbridge can customize key terminology checking tools based on rules defined by clients to meet the tailored needs of clients.

Translation Style Guide Development
With the increase of language needs, enterprises require a translation style guide to ensure consistency of brand content. Each enterprise has its own preferences for the language style guide.
A style guide includes specifications on details, such as spelling, numbers, units, punctuation, symbols, capitalization, and abbreviations, and guidelines on the macroscopic aspects, such as chapter layout, information organization, paragraph length, sentence length, vocabulary selection, voice and tense, user interface, and texts. It is a complicated and highly specialized work to compile a style guide.
Giltbridge invites our clients to co-compile the style guide and incorporates specific client needs into the style guide to facilitate their future language development.
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